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Web Design Portfolio for Soy2Grow

Web Design Portfolio Soy2Grow 1 scaled

Web design client introduction

S.H.A Organic Fertilizer Sdn Bhd is a company specializing in the production of high-protein and high-quality organic fertilizers. They provide cost-effective organic fertilizers to growers and farmers, and bring profits back to agriculture in a sustainable way without harming the environment or its residents. They have conducted research in cooperation with a local university to test, research, and improve the composting process to produce organic fertilizers with high quality, nutritional content, and maturity.

Our web design solution

Their company mainly sells organic fertilizers, so we created their website to have a green, environment feel. As their fertilizer is organic, their website should appear clean and environmentally friendly.

SOY2GROW Screenshot Web design

Web design, features and functionality

As we wanted to bring out the feeling of greenery, most of the colors we used for the entire website are green and brown. On the homepage, we put a short video of mung bean growth as the background to increase the beauty of the entire website. We have added some special effects, and designed a minimalist version of some elements on the website.

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Web Design Portfolio Soy2Grow 3
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