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Web Design Portfolio for Miracle White

Miracle White Web design Portfolio 1 scaled

Web design client introduction

Hess & Co. Laboratories is a team of scientists composed of biochemists, chemical engineers, and biomedical engineers based in Switzerland. They combine wisdom with modern science, repeatedly research, test, and observe to produce whitening skincare products. They are researching ancient medical methods and cutting-edge skin science, conducting in-depth research on women’s skin of all ages, and constantly evolving to develop a series of products —— Miracle White.

Our web design solution

The founder of Miracle White always explore something unique and modern things, they constantly evolve, challenge, and innovate to achieve their goal. When they saw our company’s website, they knew that we could do different things from other digital agencies. Continuous innovation is what we have in common, which also allows us to work together to create websites for their products.

miracle white Screen Shot website design

Web design, features and functionality

The design of Miracle White products is modern and elegant, so our design tends to modern styles. They want to let people know the effects of their products, so we added a before-and-after comparison function to the website, users can see the skin condition of customers before using their products and the skin condition after using their product, simple and can be compared, people can directly see the difference.

In addition, there may be some unscrupulous merchants selling illegal products on the market. In order to prevent customers from buying illegal products and make customers have confidence in their products, we have specially added a product authentication check system to their website. Customers only need to fill in the serial number of the purchased product to check whether the product they purchased is authentic.

Miracle White Web design Portfolio 2 scaled
Miracle White Web design Portfolio 1 scaled
Miracle White Web design Portfolio 3 scaled

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