Website Design

What To Wear

WHATTOWEAR.COM.MY hired us to design a website for them that would help them take their business in local and Singapore.


E-commerce has turned the whole world into a global village and therefore it is now possible to expand your business rapidly well beyond the border of your own country.

The website had to be very specifically designed for this purpose. The color theme, the design, optimizations and everything else needed to be perfect and as per the requirement of the client. Our expert developers pulled this off and created a website that served all their purposes. The website is unique, it is responsive which means it will work for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The reason behind the success of this website is the uniqueness of this website’s design. The color pattern and themes and custom font. They have been specifically designed and developed for this site and therefore you will not find any other site or design like this on the internet. The minimal contrast of Grey and White colors have been combined beautifully with the pictures and videos to create a beautiful and stunning website.