Website Design


MYFASHIONMAKER.COM have been making customer-focused garments for the Malaysian Fashion Industry for many years. They have also been designing and manufacturing garments for chain store retailers and hypermarkets in Malaysia. They make both machine made and hand knitted fabrics & garments as well.


They decided to take their business online on a global level and try to reach different markets in different parts of world and explore various fashion trends in different regions of the world. So, they contacted us to develop a website for them that would enable them to achieve all this.

                                                                        Since MYFASHIONMAKER.COM makes fully customized garments for their clients, therefore we had to consider a lot of factors while designing the site. Because the customers will have a lot of options to choose from and we are responsible for designing the slots and codes for them. So, we created a number of pages in site as per the categories and information provided to us by the client. Our team of experts was in contact and collaboration with the team of MYFASHIONMAKER.COM all the time and every single page and tab was designed with the collaboration of members from both sides.

               For the web design built, we went with strong pastel color. The colors contrast and complement each other at the same time. The website’s look is stand out and minimal and yet complex at the same time. The user interface is quite simple and straight forward.

fashion design
fashion design