Website Design

Chooi Chin

CHOOICHIN is a Criminal Lawyer from SEPANG, SELANGOR who has been practicing and providing her services in SEPANG and KLANG VALLEY. She is a former Deputy Public Prosecutor. CHOOICHIN wanted to expand the scope of her practice and reach out to more clients.


She contacted us and asked us to develop a website for her that would promote her practice and also enable her to collaborate with her current clients via the website as well. Since CHOOICHIN is from Malaysia, so we made sure to integrate both the languages in her site i.e. English and Chinese as well.

 CHOOICHIN’s requirements were pretty straightforward and simple. She wanted a site that would allow her to access clients from all over the country. She wanted her website to look unique and professional. We asked her recommendations and preferences regarding the color scheme of the website and the user interface of the site as well. We made a customized theme just for her. Since Lawyers have a trademark black coat, we designed the theme and user interface of CHOOICHIN.COM in dark, purple and yellow color. The dark purple was reminiscent of the lawyer’s traditional and trademark suit while the yellow color was set in contrast to show, resonate with and enhance the premium look of the website. 

The user interface of CHOOICHIN.COM was kept very simple. Therefore we kept CHOOICHIN.COM simple and clear so that the users who require legal help from CHOOICHIN.COM may find It easily, quickly and without any confusion or difficulty. The user interface may be simple, but it is quite capable and all the tools that are required have been installed and integrated in the website as well. So to put it shortly, if in future CHOOICHIN desires to add more features to her site CHOOICHIN.COM then she can do it without any difficulty or bearing extra expenses.

We also designed a Contact Us page on CHOOICHIN.COM with a very simple User Interface so that the clients can send their information.

Overall, This site has high speed green score on and Coding optimized.