Important MALAYSIA 2020 Google and Facebook Advertising Strategies for your Business

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Important MALAYSIA 2020 Google and Facebook Advertising Strategies for your Business Digital Advertising Digital advertising evolves with the passage of time. Same is the case with the advertisements on FACEBOOK and GOOGLE. In MALAYSIA 2020 there will be new strategies in the marketplace to give publicity to your business on FACEBOOK or GOOGLE.

People are looking forward to a new approach to display their products more attractively or advertise their services to grab the attention of their customers. How advertising is going to work in MALAYSIA 2020 If you have a website, people are coming and clicking to view your products or the services you are providing. But not all of them are making purchases. You will definitely want more sale by digital advertising .

In 2019, the strategy considered to be most important is to find cold traffic. Cold traffic is the consumers who are not aware of your brand or product yet. To get more cold traffic FACEBOOK is the best platform. For FACEBOOK adds the most important thing to do is to add a video with the conversion which will help to grab the attention of cold traffic. The FACEBOOK conversion video will allow you to create a custom audience list, known as warm traffic. These are the returning consumers who have not yet subscribed to your brand. These include consumers who have heard about you and know you but they don’t have bought your product or services yet. They just go to your website but don’t buy any anything. Your job is to nurture them.

There are two ways to do this; funneling and BLACKHOLE strategy. You can get cold traffic by GOOGLE SEARCH ADS. Buyers that chose Google search ads are hyperactive customers. They are ready to buy your services or products. These consumers are looking for information and reviews about the product and services. These customers are important as they are going to make their decision in a very short time. Consumers who are clicking on your FACEBOOK ads or Google search ads from cold traffic goes to a cookie in your website we called BLACKHOLE (Cookies).

The most important thing in 2020 business development strategies includes a jar of every single person from the last 7 days who are landing on your page or website but not buying your product or services. This list also includes people who are giving you their information saying that they will make a purchase later. Your main focus should be convincing these people with re-targeting ads. You can grab their attention with FACEBOOK ads, Google search ads, YouTube ads and Google display ads. You have to convince them to finish the purchase. In addition, to nurture your cold and warm traffic, it is also important that you utilize your video.

Google And Facebook Advertising Strategies. Anyone who watches 95% of your conversion based video is now in the category of warm traffic. They spent time watching your video, so you can also add these people to BLACKHOLE (cookie). Advertisement on FACEBOOK, YouTube, Google search and Google display will help the consumers to overcome the objection and to build your brand so that the consumers will be your customers. The most important thing in this strategy is that you can utilize the BLACKHOLE (cookie) whenever someone gets to your website, you will get the most money from this part of the strategy. You have to create a list of cookie from the last 180 days of FACEBOOK and the last 540 days of google that is digital advertising .

Now, this pool of people will be your warm audience. Keep this thing in mind that not every single person on this list will buy your product or service. This cookie list will become an asset for your business. You can utilize it when you have a sale product, promotion or anything else. What you have to do is to simply take this list and start your advertisement on FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, YouTube and Display ads. The last part of the strategy includes the hot list. Now, when you have your hot list you can cross-sell. This will allow you to have a lower CPM cost and much higher and quicker way to reach your audience. You have to focus on media buying and online advertising to get more money. Google And Facebook Advertising Strategies

black hole strategy

This strategy of advertisement is more like an ecosystem. It is called the BLACKHOLE strategy because once your prospect gets into your website or kick any specific action of you and your business, they will be there forever trapped in this black hole. Where you can continue to monitor them and advertise your products or services. 

Your goal in 2020 is not to focus on whole traffic but to really look at this infinity loophole strategy as a whole. The bigger your list is, the more money you are going to make and you can continue to build on top of it. With the growing interest of consumers on internet, it would be best to use digital marketing to showcase your services and product. To create the best digital ads for your brand you can get an appointment with our representatives, that will take care of your business while you busy with your work.