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Web design and digital marketing agency in Malaysia

More often than not, you will find digital marketing and web design agencies selling you pre-arranged packages that limit the results you get. At IMIM, we stay away from this cookie-cutter approach and provide you with unmatched and personalized digital marketing strategies and high quality web design based on your business needs. 

While the world slowed down back at the beginning of 2020, we hit the ground running by delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our small team of experts worked together to scale their businesses, garnering millions of ringgits in sales right in the middle of a global pandemic. When you partner with us, you get to experience the same unique approach we’ve used and developed to help our previous clients exceed their targets.

With the majority of our clients coming from referrals and retainers, it has become second nature for us to deliver a consistent quality of work we are known for. After all, part of our vision for the company is to treat your business as our own. Using our extensive knowledge in digital marketing and web design, we’re aiding small entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to the next level. 

In this way, we are doing our part in helping the economy in Malaysia recover from the current situation we are challenged with today.  We’ll help you create an effective digital marketing strategy and a high quality website wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

An office photo shot in IMIM website design and digital marketing look like this

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This is our work with mock up photo from IMIM website design to digital marketing showcase

Our Services That Make your digital marketing your best ally

An agency that is client-centric and focused on your business by proving it daily and responding to your emails and calls quickly. We genuinely care about our business partners and provide a wide range of digital marketing services. This makes us a one-stop collaborator.

Web Design

Whether you are looking for new website or redesign, our design is meant to build for high conversion-focused. By doing so, we design something outstanding that outrank your competitors. Learn more about our website design services

SEO Services

We fully utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) and many web marketing techniques, and build irresistible strategies to deliver success. We implement only profitable keywords and drive organic traffic leading to increased sales. Learn more about our SEO Services.

Social Media Marketing

Want to increase the followers of your brand’s page or you need a targeted campaign to generate massive sales and new loyalty customers, We know how to  design and implement compelling marketing campaign for your business. Learn more about our Social Media Marketing Services

Google Ads Management

A – Z setup your google Ads campaign, write ad copy that sells and configure all advanced settings. Different ad variations will be created, monitored and modified to get the highest ROI possible. Learn more about our Google ads services.

Digital Marketing Success Stories

Here are some of our latest clients' success story. Read how we have generated million of sales for our clients during this pandemic

SEO Case Study
Digital Marketing Case Study
Website Design Case Study

3 Steps to partner with us as your digital marketing partner?

We are so confident to walk you through the whole process from the very beginning to the final delivery! We understand that your business life is crazy busy. As such, we created efficient methods that will make your project run smoothly and quickly. We’ll take care of everything.


We start the process with a complimentary consultation call to make sure we are on the same page and can both benefit from our collaboration. We will ask you some questions about your business, the main challenges you are facing, and what you expect and need from our services.

Our Primary Proposal

Then, we will send you our primary proposal to frame the scope of your project, the timeline needed, and the price of our services. Should you accept our offer, you’ll be able to sign a contract and start the project online. Isn’t that super convenient? Isn’t it convenient?

Get Started

Once we come to a joint agreement, we will plan the initial kick off and discovery meetings to get started under the best conditions. Moreover, to make our collaboration fully satisfying, we’ll integrate you into our accounting, billing, CRM, and project management system. Finally, getting started it is easy, but are we fit to work together? Let’s find out a few reasons why you should or shouldn’t choose us to be your digital marketing partner here.

Founders in a meeting and discussing about website design and digital marketing strategy
Digital marketing and website designers Guest room in Petaling Jaya

Check Out Our Website Design Work

At IMIM, our creativity and marketing mindset is a source of pride. We built website with hard efforts for each single client to bring them towards the success they have worked hard for. View our full website portfolio or read why choose us as your web designer here.

law firm website design mock up
Coffee website design mockup
This is a website mock up for transportation and logistic company
A financial firm website design mockup
Team of web designers and digital marketers profile


IMIM is a full service digital marketing and web design agency based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor but works with KL and international clients

Out-of-the-box, we offer web design and internet marketing services that are comparable in high quality to those offered by any major international digital marketing agency. All that’s different is our pricing.

Benefit from world-renowned SEO, Web design, and internet marketing expertise, by reaching out to IMIM for a free consultation.


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